My daily readings 03/24/2014

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      • People could have done all these stuff but his greatness is because he was ready to work hours and hours to achieve his dream . Most people would have quit in his place.Reasons-

        • Almost screwed PayPal (Windows doesn’t scale according to Max Levchin) – got ousted as CEO during the Sydney Olympics ($10mn burn month on month).
        • Ousted Tesla founders (Reasons are muddled on both sides)
        • Messy public divorce and another quiet private divorce
        • Tesla almost died (2008)
        • SpaceX almost died (2008: Falcon 1; 4 Failures)
        • And of course he went broke (2010 – Cash not assets)
    • Most people have motivation to start a company and make money.He is till date the only business man who want to work for changing the face of humanity.He vision of SpaceX is to have Space Colonization(who in the wildest dream would work on a project which would most like fail and no-one in the world ready to back him,so he pumps all his saving of paypal+Zip2 into a company which would most likely fail).Secondly, When Tesla motors came out with its Tesla Roadster in 2007/8 all major car companies pushed and brought out their own car electric car.His goal with Tesla is to work until more than 50% of the cars produced is not electric

      Its extremely hard to find people who change the world for the benefit of the future

  • tags: tesla founder

  • tags: tesla founder

    • The success story of Elon Musk is built on these two simple facts,

      1. He knows what he wants (yes, amazing clarity of thought)
      2. He has a strong desire to achieve what he wants (Desire drives him to work 100 hours / week)

      I would say these two underlying qualities are his success secrets. Infact, all successful men in history have these two qualities in common.

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