My daily readings 02/24/2014

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    • Tesla focused first on perfecting its electric powertrain.  Once that was perfect, Tesla fitted it into a Lotus Elise.  While we’d say the Elise is stylish, Tesla didn’t waste time designing it.  Instead, Tesla focused on advancing its core electric technology as Roadster sales helped to keep the automaker afloat.
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  • “Tesla Motors vs. up and comer Fisker Automotives? Which is better to invest in?”

    tags: strategy Competition

    • Tesla is a pure EV. Fisker is a hybrid.

      Tesla builds their own cars; Fisker partly outsources.

      Tesla owns their own dealer network; Fisker leverage existing auto dealers.

      In other words, they have completely different strategies, different strengths and weaknesses, and world views. It is unclear whether both can be successful, which is part of why it is exciting to follow both.

      • Founder is the key.

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