My daily readings 10/24/2013

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       The “Don’t Patronize!” lesson is new and interesting to me. Come to think of it, I remember being first introduced to programming with Logo and its “drawing turtle” back in elementary school. While fun, it didn’t spur much exploring for me then because I didn’t see its possibilities out of that sandbox.

      Only when I encountered C, a “real language used by adults!” did I really get interested…


    • The plight of artsy types in cities gets a lot of attention these days, perhaps because it is personally relevant to lots of people in the media. And yes, working artists are vital to any city, especially a place such as New York that bills itself as a cultural capital. But forget, for the moment, about the artists. The deeper and more systematic erosion of urban life is happening among a less glamorous set of people – the ones who fill the tens of thousands of jobs that undergird every single U.S. city.
    • manicurists, and countless others who are making more than minimum wage but less than enough to
    • We’ll simply have to wait and see how users react to the implementation of ads within extensions, but I’m going to bet that we’ll see some not-so-forthright developers trying to skirt the system at the expense of user experience. In the meantime, if you’re a developer yourself, or if the inability to monetize has kept you away from being one, it’s the right time to look into the ads program to see what it could do for you.
    • The new infusion of cash — which comes on the heels of a very recent and massive funding in February of $200 million that valued the social scrapbooking company at $2.5 billion — pegs the latest valuation of Pinterest at $3.8 billion
    • Sources said most of its current investors — including Andreessen Horowitz, FirstMark Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners and Valiant Capital Management — reupped in the latest round. But Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, which had already sunk $100 million into the San Francisco-based social scrapbooking site in May of 2012, was not part of this round.


      Sources said the money was aimed in part at goosing international efforts, which has seen strong growth.

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    • We recently launched LinkedIn Intro — a new product that shows you LinkedIn profiles, right inside the native iPhone mail client. That’s right: we have extended Apple’s built-in iOS Mail app, a feat that many people consider to be impossible. This post is a short summary of how Intro works, and some of the ways we bent technology to our will.
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    • With all the chaos trying to keep the server up and the bugs down, we slept little and prepared for the next day’s Startup School even less. We had been tapped for on-stage Y Combinator office hours with Paul Graham and Sam Altman. We watched a video of previous on-stage YC office hours and concluded that “office hours” really meant “eight minutes of two of the smartest startup guys in the world demolishing your idea in front of 1700 entrepreneurs and a live video stream”.
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    • all of the bugs and playtesting problems you all reported via reddit, Olark, email, Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, and just talking t
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