My daily readings 10/18/2013

    • A nitpick on San Jose:

      The city’s tallest building, Yglesias notes, is a mere twenty-two stories high.

      Anyone who lives in San Jose can tell you why this is the case. From,_California#Arts_and_a…

      Because the downtown area is in the flight path to nearby Mineta San Jose International Airport, there is a height limit for buildings in the downtown area, which is under the final approach corridor to the airport. The height limit is dictated by local ordinances, driven by the distance from the runway and a slope defined by Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Core downtown buildings are limited to approximately 300 feet (91 m) but can get taller farther from the airport.[80]

      The rest of the article did a good job of arguing that housing prices harm migration and contribute to income inequality. But twisting a fact like that makes me suspicious. Hopefully fault lies with Matt Yglesias, not the author.

  • Test to add a new note.

    • Reproducibility in science is something that badly needs this push. It’s an incredibly difficult “sell” to anyone with funds for research, and I’m extremely happy that they’ve found capital for it.

      The foundations of our scientific knowledge need to be solidified, and from all the science news and developments, this one is the one that makes me by far the most excited for the future of science.

      Next on the list, open source repositories for protocols of experiments! Maybe someone surprises me with a link to an existing solution :).

    • It’s a good question: who in technology is afraid of Bezos?

      While a lot of technology leaders might admire Bezos for his leadership of Amazon, I wonder how many fear him. Most of what Amazon does, does not compete with technology companies. In the few places they do, they’re not a juggernaut.

      For example, despite years of effort, the Kindle Fire has not significantly harmed the market share or margin of the iPad. Google and Samsung have done far more damage to Apple. And Amazon’s media sales are not much of a threat to Apple: they haven’t stolen significant share, and Apple does not try to make money on content anyway.

      I think there are a lot of people who do fear Bezos, but they are mostly retailers and hosting companies.

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