My daily readings 09/22/2013

    • What do I mean by culture? Atul Gawande summed it up perfectly in his recent New Yorker article Slow Ideas. You have a system and a culture when “X is what people do, day in and day out, even when no one is watching. ‘You must’ rewards mere compliance. Getting to ‘X is what we do’ means establishing X as the norm.”
      • Establish culture stuff   
    • We’ve done the same thing with open data in government, advocating the idea that government at its best acts as a platform, working to bring citizens, civil servants and entrepreneurs together to build new ways of solving problems that affect us all. (O’Reilly no longer offers our “Gov 2.0” events, but the work continues even more powerfully via the nonprofit Code for America.)
    • Reading recently about the HR practices at Valve and Github, so reminiscent of early O’Reilly, I’m struck by the need to redefine how organizations work in the 21st century. I’m not saying that Valve or GitHub’s approach is for everyone, but they indicate a deep engagement with the problem space, and fresh approaches to the questions of how to manage an organization. Google’s People Analytics may be a more scalable application of new HR thinking to a company of serious size.
      • What’s the right HR practice for us in Diigo? This is a best 

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