My daily readings 09/02/2013

    • I don’t think we’re going to see a cultural shift away from smartphones anytime soon because we use them to fulfill almost all of the core human drives, within a matter of seconds and with little to no effort. We use our phones to acquire status, respect, praise, attention, to connect, message, brag, to read, read, read about everything happening around us.

      What’s easier: keeping afloat a conversation with a few acquaintances or tweeting a witty joke and reading up on the 20 @replies you receive? What about taking the time to appreciate a meal, how it’s plated, its flavor combinations, or bragging about how cultured you are by posting a picture of it to Instagram then waiting for those sweet likes to roll in?

      Smartphones and the social apps they run are brain hacks. We’re wired to seek out instant gratification. They literally put us in our own mobile Skinner box.

      • This is a test note 
    • I guess it’s unsurprising that smartphones get in the way of living life, but it’s not that hard to use them in moderation, and I’m really not so sure about a cultural shift away from them. Maybe a cultural shift towards more respons
      • Haha
    • I’ve noticed this as a “dumb-phone” user who often forgets it at home. Walking around with your head up, you feel like you’re amongst a bunch of half-asleep people. You can look right at somebody and they won’t notice you. Lots of bumping into each other, not making way for somebody who needs to get by, things like that. Many people who are engrossed in their phones don’t react to loud noises or other things happening that are out of the ordinary. It can be unsettling.
    • g for a bit; no book, no phone. I saw some sort of surveillance/tracking operation unfold in plain site. A fit, ex-military looking guy in his mid 40s dressed to look like a tourist in a t-shirt and shorts took a seat. He would steal glances off to the side at a certain individual. He talked into his blue tooth ear piece, casually glanced around, and then he took off his blue baseball cap, put it in his backpack, and quickly replaced it with a red baseball cap. He later shot me a little grin, having seen me noticing him, even
    • In a way, I think it’s a modern way of filtering things that we don’t care about day to day. Do we really wanna sit on a subway in silence twiddling our thumbs, and daydream? Do we really wanna wait on line for a few mins, staring at other annoying strangers ahead of us?
    • Or you’re at a party where you don’t know enough people. Pre-smartphone you’d get sick of being a wallflower and some point, go “fuck it”, and introduce yourself to somebody. Now you can just slink into smartphone-land. I’ve done it, I’m sure others here have too.
      • Haha
    • The last time I went to a bar I went up to order a drink and all 6 20-somethings at the bar were on their iphones (that’s 6 individuals, at a place of social gathering).
      • This 

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