My daily readings 08/19/2013

    • During the debate over the Aaron Swartz case, one of the legal issues was whether Swartz had committed an unauthorized access under the CFAA when he changed his IP address to circumvent IP address blocking imposed by system administrators trying to keep Swartz off the network. There was significantly more to the CFAA charges than that, to be clear, including circumventing a subsequent MAC address block and (most significantly) entering an MIT storage closet to install his computer directly. But changing IP addresses to get around IP address blocking was at least one of the possible grounds of unauthorized access. On Friday, Judge Breyer of the Northern District of California handed down the first decision directly addressing the issue. Judge Breyer ruled that changing IP addresses to get around a block is an unauthorized access in violation of the CFAA. The decision is here: Craigslist v. 3taps, Inc..
    • In an earlier decision, Judge Breyer had indicated that that violating the Craiglist’s Terms of Service did not trigger a CFAA violation. See Craigslist Inc. v. 3Taps Inc. — F.Supp.2d —-, 2013 WL 1819999 (N.D.Cal. April 30, 2013). In the new opinion issued on Friday, however, Breyer ruled that the same was not true with 3taps’s circumventing the IP address block. To be sure, Craigslist had granted authorization to everyone by setting up a public website that anyone could access. But when Craigslist had sent the cease-and-desist letter and then blocked 3taps’s IP addresses, Breyer ruled, Craigslist had exercised its “power to revoke, on a case-by-case basis, the general permission it granted to the public to access the information on its website.”
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    • On the one hand, the integration of the “c4” C library with PyPy is done and works well, but is still subject to improvements. The “PyPy-STM” executable (without the JIT) seems to be stable, as far as it has been tested. It runs a simple benchmark like Richards with a 3.2x slow-down over a regular JIT-less PyPy.

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