My daily readings 07/23/2013

      • Another private sticky note
    • Someone innocent being sentenced to death is a tragedy. However, there are innocent people who get charged with life sentences or many decades, and they end up dying in prison from natural causes, murder, suicide, etc. Even if you get rid of the death penalty there will still be some innocent people who die in prison, or they spend a good part of their life in prison before they are exonerated. Sure they get a big fat settlement, but who cares if you went into prison at 20 and came out at 70 a millionaire. Not worth it. The point is I’m not sure getting rid of the death penalty would statistically save that many innocent lives, as harsh as that sounds.
    • Here’s my semi-educated guess for how the attack started: from casual observation (view source, URLs ending with .action, etc) a good chunk of the ADC is written in Java and uses WebWork/Struts2, a framework I helped create years ago.

      Late last week a security advisory came out that allows for executing malicious code[1]. Atlassian, which uses similar technology, also issued announcements around the same time[2]. My wild speculation is this was the attack vector.

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    • YokoZar 1 day ago | link

       While I understand the author’s point comparing a wave of groupon-only customers as a swarm of locusts moving from deal to deal, I don’t agree with lumping AirBNB in there. If a business is offering a groupon at a loss on the hope of spurring future customers, the deal-hunters can act like locusts by breaking that hope, causing a net loss of value.

      AirBNB, by contrast, is creating new supply, and that supply is in turn only being sold to AirBNB users. As an AirBNB host, it would be very good for me if I was constantly full of people making one day stays and then disappearing forever.

      Similarly, if the businesses offering groupons were still profiting from them at the margins even without assumptions of repeat business, then these “locusts” wouldn’t be taking value away either.


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