My daily readings 06/21/2013

    • he primary challenges here are cataloging the feedback and then ensuring it gets seen by the right people. Rather than expecting everyone to look at every piece of feedback, someone from the Customer Support team blitzes through all submitted feedback each week and makes sure it’s tagged for the appropriate features and products.
    • is gets automatically compiled into a summary which outlines the top requested features and areas for improvement that week, com
    • towards the top of our roadmap. This helps to focus discussions, and back up our intuition with some hard data. On top of this, we can go into the tool and dig in past the summary to see exactly what our users have been saying.
    • We encourage this behaviour with an automatic summary email each day outlining the previous day’s feedback, enabling people to quickly spot potential issues and tackle them early.
    •  “经常有人说,美国人把东西做出来,日本人做好,韩国人做便宜,中国人把东西做死,比如说电视机、小灵通等产品都是如此。如果我们不在高端市场做手机,那人家规则一变,你就又失去优势了”,华为终端CMO邵洋如此说,“华为过去长期做中低端产品,赚不到钱,现在华为希望在高端领域有一定份额”。

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