My daily readings 05/07/2013

  • tags: SPDY

    • Great! Now if only they would implement allowing HEAD requests and support for any of the various headers that would allow me to get a 304.

      The reason I ask is because every time my Safari crashes, if I have 50 HN tabs open (as I often do on by Friday [1]) I’ll get IP banned from HN because Safari will do a GET request on each page, but it can’t pass any of the headers necessary to get back a 304, because HN doesn’t support it.

      [1] The way I consume HN is I load up HN once or twice a day, open up all the interesting links and their comment pages in new tabs, and then go back to work. Then when I have some downtime (most of which is on the weekend) I read through all the open tabs.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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