My daily readings 03/10/2013

    • To reclaim their ability to sleep, they had the computer keep watch for them, resurrecting dead processes. This also let them automate health checks: when Reddit’s front page became unresponsive, they could detect this automatically and simply kill the offending process, secure in the knowledge that the supervisor program would quickly bring it back up again. They could sleep right through this fleeting death and rebirth, and only a few people would notice.
    • Let’s walk through this. The comments at the top customarily include a one-line description and an optional longer description below – a lot like a git commit message. The description line is, again, for your own use. The start on runlevel [2345] part means to start the service when the machine is started. The respawn and respawn limit commands tell Upstart to restart the server if it dies, but stop trying to restart it after 10 failures in 5 seconds. Finally, Upstart sets the uid to myuser and runs the server. Make sure to setuid, because if you don’t include it, your server will be run as root by default. This is a profoundly weird default – it’s usually not what you want, and it’s very dangerous. So, be careful with this.
      • Test
  • test

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