My daily readings 10/18/2012

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        1. PowToon – allows you to build a great looking animated presentations.
        2. VoiceBunny – Crowd Voice overs – seriously, this exists.
        3. Vimeo – Like Youtube… but for profesionals that don’t want ads running before, during, and after their video.


        I am sure there are other options out there, but we are quite happy with the experience using these tools. The video is our first attempt at using these services and we already have ideas for things we will change and improve in the future.

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    • I received a lot of comments on hackernews and twitter. Some of them asked “if anger is so important why is there not as much innovation coming out of Greece or Nigeria or Ethopia” which misses the point. 1) Solving a problem and scaling the solution across America is a huge market opportunity and is also very difficult. America is the 3rd largest country in the world by land mass. Its larger than China. 2) While I don’t know about innovation in every country in the world, I think its presumptuous to assume no innovation is coming from other countries. But the scale is vastly different. With the exception of Africa as a continent. If a innovation can be developed in one African country it often scales to other similar countries in the continent. The largest mobile payment provide in the world? From Africa.

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