My daily readings 07/22/2012

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    • The only way to learn from a technical book is to practice what you read. You can read a book cover to cover and still not grasp the concepts unless you put those concepts to practice.

      For example, if you are reading about differential equations or linear algebra, take some time to practice solving some equations or doing matrix transformations. Not only will you understand the concept better, making mistakes will let you ask the right questions.

    • One effective method is SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

      It allows you to analyze (break down) what you are reading to make a more complete understanding of what you have read.

      For most people, as Farhan Ahmed stated, practice helps to reinforce the concepts. Knowing and learning actually happen at cognitive and affective levels but practice certainly makes it “stick”. Some subjects are harder to “practice” than others and so multiple readings can help reinforce as well.

    • I highlight them very judiciously so that I only need to read all that extra text once.  When I look at the chapter/ book the second time, I can jump straight to the highlighted portions and spend my time focusing on the meat of it.

      When I come across a new and important point, I stop and think about the implications, and how it ties in with everything else. 

      When I come across sample problems throughout the chapter, I try to figure it out before reading the demonstrated solution.  It sticks much better that way because satisfies my curiosity.  Same goes for the practice problems at the back of the chapter.

      This doesn’t work for everything, but it’s a very efficient way to learn when it does.  Highlighting works for everything, though. 😉

  • tags: Reading SQ3R

    • Survey


      Survey the document: scan the contents, introduction, chapter   introductions and chapter summaries to pick up a shallow overview of   the text. Form an opinion of whether it will be of any help. If it   does not give you the information you want, discard it.

    • Question


      Make a note of any questions on the subject that come to mind, or   particularly interest you following your survey. Perhaps scan the   document again to see if any stand out. These questions can be   considered almost as study goals – understanding the answers can help   you to structure the information in your own mind.

    • Read


      Now read the document. Read through useful sections in detail, taking   care to understand all the points that are relevant. In the case of   some texts this reading may be very slow. This will particularly be   the case if there is a lot of dense and complicated information.   While you are reading, it can help to take notes in Mind Map format.

    • Recall


      Once you have read appropriate sections of the document, run through   it in your mind several times. Isolate the core facts or the   essential processes behind the subject, and then see how other   information fits around them.

    • Review


      Once you have run through the exercise of recalling the information,   you can move on to the stage of reviewing it. This review can be by   reading the document again, by expanding your notes, or by discussing the   material with colleagues. A particularly effective method of   reviewing information is to have to teach it to someone else.

      • And use it in other forms such as writing.
  • Why I don’t have feeling about money.

    When I was a child, “Earning others money by selling something in high price seems not ok me.”

    I have dreamed to build a business which doesn’t earn users money, now, I achieved it. 🙂  Earning money seems evil to me.

    Rich people means exploit other people in my mind. I associated richness with bad things and feeling.  

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