My daily readings 07/08/2012

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  • Can we unify the Annotation UI for Webpage, PDF, Image, Audio, Video content?   For video and audio, use popcorn.js . 

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  • tags: video annotation

      • The answer is to use the media as a unifying narrative for a rich web experience, one that mixes visual and textual information, and turns the experience of learning from being purely linear into something that is both linear and interactive.  We often hear about how the web enables remixes, and we wanted to demonstrate an educational remix.  In our case, we wanted to mix the following:


  • tags: video annotation

    • Grockit Answers! by Grockit


      Built on Popcorn.js, Grockit Answers is a Q&A site that attaches each submitted question and any submitted answers to the exact point in the video at which they are most relevant. As a viewer, some of the things that confuse you are are likely to be the same as what confused others before you. In a time-anchored Q&A on Grockit Answers, just as the question begins to form in your mind, it may magically pop up on the screen, along with a few great answers.

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