My daily readings 06/29/2012

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    • Two-man veteran engineering team Igor Kofman and Alex Graveley (who earlier in his career created Tomboy Notes) also created a special sub-site for SXSW. A list of every panel and talk  is available now at, organized by hour and by day. If you’re here at the rain-soaked conference, or interested in any of the panels, be sure to check it out.
    • You could have said the same thing about Dropbox when they launched. Or Google.

      Lots of competitors is a sign there’s something here that people want. Unless the incumbents are protected by some barrier to entry, the winner will be whoever executes best, even if they are a late arrival.

    • Both snapjoy and stypi seem to lack innovation, at least from the information they are giving us. Take hipmunk, for instance, that’s a great example of a fresh idea.
    • Because anybody who works remotely knows what a titanic, epic, massive, planet-sized pain in the ass it is to do remote code editing.

      And this product does it out of the box. I’ve worked for four years remotely, and with OSS projects, and this has always been a niche that needed to be filled. I’ve tried subethaedit (requires someone to have open ports to host), coda (which uses subethaedit’s libs under the hood), vim + screen (requires having a server + logins), etherpad (no code highlighting), and git+tight sync times, or just ever more towering pages of gists.

      Having a websocket based collaborative code editor with line numbers and syntax highlighting is 95% of the way there, where as everything else is at best 75% there.

      So, yeah. I would pay money for this.

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