My daily readings 03/16/2012

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    • I picked up Trello a month ago, swombat recommended it to me, and I’m already a huge fan. Just keep it simple, Joel. The horizontal and simple part of this app — along with it being totally web-based — is what’s made me a fan. I can use it on my own, with my clients, with the family, etc. This is the app I wanted to write two years ago but never got the magic to work. Kudos!

      I just did that e-book on Scrum (shameless plug:, and I used Trello for all the task tracking. In fact, I plugged it in the book as the best online Agile/Scrum tool I’ve seen so far, even providing instructions on how to use it working remotely with Scrum or Agile. I’m using it to prioritize vacation spots for our family this year, my vitamin list, some tasks I’m farming out offshore, and another book project. I also have another website idea that I’m getting ready to load up.

      Things I’d like to see? 1) Linked boards. Have the same column appear as the end of one board and the beginning of another. This could allow you to have several boards with different audiences but they would all work together. 2) downloadable data. I know you guys say you want to do this, but closed data is a deal-killer for me. 3) Make it work on my iPad. Seriously. Being able to update using finger gestures on a extremely portable device would be sweet.

      If you guys haven’t tried it, you should. I am not a big fan of online Agile-like tools, but this rocks. Just a simple list of stuff and customizable columns to move the items around. I think the Fog Creek guys are really on to something here.

    • No offense, but your comment is a perfect example of how listening to customer feedback is more of an art than science. You ask Joel to keep the product simple in the first paragraph and then ask for some non-trivial features in the third. I’m having trouble visualizing both the linked boards idea and what problem it really solves.

      The problem with simple products is that everyone has a different idea of what simple means and think their core feature set is what everyone else would want as well.

    • Trello is one of those products I’ve come to love with an almost insane passion. You’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. It has become indispensable for me.

      Personally, I’d happily pay for it. I find it incredible easy to use and super user-friendly.

      Oddly enough, though, I tried to get my fiance to use it for wedding planning. She claims it makes no sense 🙂 – so I’m not entirely sure it’s ready for all walks of life, at least not quite yet. I can’t even convince her to let me show her around it. Oh well 🙂

      edit: wow, seriously? downvotes? That’s pretty harsh for a thoughtful comment about a useful piece of software that has helped me professionally and personally. Pretty lame, if you ask me.

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