My daily readings 03/07/2012

    • An internal team of 5 need to keep up with the news articles, public opinion and rapidly evolving technology to formulate a business plan to address these changes. The content will be links, articles, and some statistics that might be best shown in a spreadsheet or a graph.

      SharePoint Wiki is possible, but unfortunately requires a learning curve (and an opinion shift about Sharepoint due to a poor implementation). Is there something else out there we can use? Evernote public folder?

    • I use Atlassian Confluence at work to create, gather and share knowledge. I used this tool to create and share information about a product that has 30 sales people and hundreds of consultants all over the world. There is practically no learning curve. Anyone can edit it and search works well.

      The beauty of Confluence is the simplicity. There is a create-page button, an edit button and a save button.

      Like Christoph Richter said, if all 5 members are in the same location, printing physical documents and posting them to a wall near the workspace works remarkably well.

      • Seb Paquet, Studying web-based collaboration sinc…

        For aggregating links, I would look into the following possibilities:

      • For aggregating links, I would look into the following possibilities:

        (I’d give Diigo an edge for annotatability, taggability, and searchability.)

        For storing files, I’d use a shared Dropbox folder. You can link to files you put there from your link aggregator

        You will need a gardening layer too, to synthesize insights. One of you should get good with wikis (Wikispaces and Wetpaint are fine choices) or perhap Google Docs will be enough.

    • Looking at your description

      1. You have a very small team. 5 people is not a challenge for knowledge sharing.

      2. You seem to want knowledge harvesting – News Articles, Public Opinion (polling data?) Tech Information

      3. You seem to want collaboration tools – Links, Articles, Statistics/Graphs.

      Start with a Base: A Sharepoint wiki would be fine, as would any other wiki-like software. I’m partial to TikiWiki and DokuWiki for complete nerd reasons. I’ve also used Basecamp for project management, I found it quite easy to use.

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    • The “paradox of the active user” is a concept introduced by John M. Carroll and Mary Beth Rosson (then at IBM, now at Penn State) to explain a common observation in several user studies done at the IBM User Interface Institute in the early 1980s  (later confirmed by many other studies, including my own): Users never read manuals but start using the software  immediately. They are motivated to get started and to get their  immediate task done: they don’t care about the system as such and don’t want  to spend time up front on getting established, set up, or going through  learning packages.   

       The “paradox of the active user” is a paradox because users would save time in the long term by taking some initial time to optimize the system and learn more about it. But that’s not how people behave in the real world, so we cannot allow engineers to build products for an idealized rational user when real humans are irrational: we must design for the way users actually behave.

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