My daily readings 12/31/2011

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    • “I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making,” he said. “I discovered at an early age that all I’ve ever wanted to do is design.”
    • “He’s a fantastic craftsman,” Ive said, as noted in Jobs’ biography. “His Christmas gift to me would be one day of his time in his college workshop, during the Christmas break when no one else was there, helping me make whatever I dreamed up.”
    • “I discovered the Mac and felt I had a connection with the people who were making this product,” he said. “I suddenly understood what a company was, or was supposed to be.”
       After graduating, Ive worked as a designer in the U.K., eventually founding a design agency. Apple hired the firm to do design work and was so impressed by Ive’s work that it offered him a full-time position.
    • “There’s no one who can tell him what to do,” Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson. “That’s the way I set it up.'”
       While Jobs and Ive were close friends, Ive did admit to Isaacson that he felt Jobs had stolen the credit for some of his ideas.
       “[Jobs] will go through a process of looking at my ideas and say, ‘That’s no good. That’s not very good. I like that one,'” Ive told Isaacson in an interview. “And later I will be sitting in the audience and he will be talking about it as if it was his idea. I pay maniacal attention to where an idea comes from, and I even keep notebooks filled with my ideas. So it hurts when he takes credit for one of my designs.”
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    • 在新浪科技的反复追问下,刘勇最后透露这笔交易的涉资规模超过2000万美元。在国内社交游戏行业,这无疑是一笔不小的手笔。





    • 过去的一年里,热酷仍旧坚持在中国和日本两个市场重点发展。官方给出的数据显示,在日本最大社交网站Mixi上,排名前四五位的游戏都由热酷提供。热酷在日本市场的DAU(日活跃用户)为100万,日本社交网络的总DAU为不到2000万。



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