My daily readings 12/21/2011

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    • In 1997, the year went public, its chief executive, Jeff Bezos, issued a manifesto: “It’s all about the long term,” he said. He warned shareholders “we may make decisions and weigh tradeoffs differently than some companies” and urged them to make sure that a long-term approach “is consistent with your investment policy.” Amazon’s management and employees “are working to build something important, something that matters to our customers, something that we can tell our grandchildren about,” he added.
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  • Does the patten shifted? From lazy sharing to curation?

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        1. Apps that require more time of more users will not succeed. The days of a new-app-a-minute and tremendous time-wasters are over. (He cites FourSquare as one such time-suck, but we really like FourSquare at Argyle!) Social-savvy consumers will stop allowing the firehose of content to bowl them over. They will become pickier and consumption will happen on their terms. Scarcity of time will dictate which apps survive. Sorry, Fruit Ninja. It’s been real.
        2. Apps that are efficient, faster, and smarter will thrive. Any app that has a higher value to time ratio will outpace and outperform (and potentially be acquired by a much larger company with ambitious social plans on the horizon).
        3. These two predictions will eventually lead to a time period Colony refers to as PoSo – or post social. Startups that adapt to the post-social demands (less time, more content) have an unparalleled opportunity. Success in a post-social world will depend not on volume of content, but the ability to do more with less.


        Moving forward, ask your company these two questions: Does our app’s success depend on gaining more users to spend even more time? If the answer is yes, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

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