My daily readings 10/28/2011

    • Not only do these touch-screen devices help keep families in constant communication through text, voice and video, but they also make big contributions to business and education. A girl is seen doing her homework on a tablet-like device, while two businessmen work on an engineering project with the computer helping along with several steps.
  • tags: SpringPad

      • We’ve updated the clipper to allow you to save things to Springpad with fewer clicks. And, we’ve kept your favorite clipper features intact:


        • Auto-detects the type of thing you’re trying to save, from a bookmark to a recipe to a product
        • Allows you to re-categorize what you’re saving
        • Includes any text that you’ve highlighted when you open the clipper
        • Lets you choose a photo thumbnail from the page you’re clipping
        • Allows you to add tags & file directly into a notebook
        • Works with any browser


      • Plus, we’ve added a couple of new features:


        • “Pop-out” the clipper to open it in a new window, allowing you copy content from the page you’re clipping into the thing you’re saving
        • When you define the page as a product or movie, we’ll automatically save the related information without you doing any additional work

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