My daily readings 10/13/2011

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    • It’s not an entirely new idea: offer a way to view trending content shared by your friends via social media. That’s the basic premise of Utopic, the latest project from the team behind Talentag, the “social CV” that we profiled last August.


      In its first iteration, Utopic is entirely reliant on Facebook – support for Twitter and YouTube is forthcoming – and after logging in with Facebook Connect provides a nice visual take on the most popular links, videos, music, movies and events shared and liked by your friends. Its competitors include sites such as Postpost and Summify, which does something similar but via email, and to a lesser degree services like Flipboard.


      The idea behind Utopic is to offer a “personalized real-time view of what’s trending today among people who matter to you the most”, says Jüri Kaljundi, Co-founder and CEO of Talentag. Just over a year ago, he wrote a blog post that defined “automatically collected” recommendations and lists from friends as an existing problem that needs to be solved. And it seems that with Utopic he and his team are in-part setting out to do that.

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    • Today’s blog is an update from a previous blog.  Back then (8 months ago), we had 8 million visitors and 200,000 hubs and I wondered if the ratio of 40 unique visitors per hub would last.  It didn’t.  Our current ratio is 32 unique visitors per hub.


      Writing a blog or a hub is a lot like fishing.  The bait (hopefully) is the quality content of your site.  Your best chance of finding a nice fishing hole comes from finding a place with the most fish in relation to the least fishermen.  This in essence is the justification for analyzing web sites by their ratio of unique visitors to content.

    • Let’s look at some popular web sites to see how their ratio compares with HubPages.  WordPress has a total of 115M blog posts published and gets 189.7M unique visitors each month so it’s ratio of about 2  Squidoo has nearly 900,00 lenses and gets 10.4M unique visitors.  Rounding up, that’s almost a ratio of 12.  Associated Content says that they have more than 1.4M published articles and gets 21.6 monthly unique visitors.  That’s a ratio of 15.4.  So, based on these sites, I think that a ratio of 32 is pretty good.
    • This new page on your site is great! its amazing that hubpages can run with only 7 employees! Kudos to you guys!
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    • It depends who you ask and what you mean by “traction”–different segments of internet users joined the network for diffferent reasons at different times. When much of the publishing world was reshaping in 2008, many started up Tumblrs to curate content that they couldn’t at magazines they’d been laid off from. Soon, they found it easy to network and connect to more influential members of that industry–and once word got around about this ease of connection (powered by quality of content, not social capital), players from other industries slowly trickled in. Although Tumblr remains a primarily creative avenue.
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