My daily readings 10/05/2011

    • 1907年9月15日(农历八月初九),我出生在四川省铜梁县尹家市(现名永嘉乡)达昌池的一个家道衰落的书香之家。尹家市距铜梁县城九十里。四周尽是一片丘陵地带,小山丘像蒸笼里的馒头一样,一个挨一介挤得紧紧的。小山上边嵌着一块块的耕地,两山之间布满一层层的梯田,土丘边到处是一簇簇青翠的竹林。这里虽没有四川长江沿岸、嘉陵江边那样的“蜀江水碧蜀山青”的幽美秀丽的景色,倒也有一番“华实遍野,黍稷盈畴”的景象。我家就坐落在四周为竹林掩荫的四合院里。
    • 1907年9月15日(农历八月初九),我出生在四川省铜梁县尹家市(现名永嘉乡)达昌池的一个家道衰落的书香之家。尹家市距铜梁县城九十里。四周尽是一片丘陵地带,小山丘像蒸笼里的馒头一样,一个挨一介挤得紧紧的。小山上边嵌着一块块的耕地,两山之间布满一层层的梯田,土丘边到处是一簇簇青翠的竹林。这里虽没有四川长江沿岸、嘉陵江边那样的“蜀江水碧蜀山青”的幽美秀丽的景色,倒也有一番“华实遍野,黍稷盈畴”的景象。我家就坐落在四周为竹林掩荫的四合院里。
    • Software engineers today learn the quickest way to look up a code snippet on Stack Overflow and then load a PNG in iOS with a cryptic language like objective-c and then scratch their heads and wonder why the alpha is baked into the color channels. Then they find themselves knee deep in a conversation on chat/irc/a forum somewhere debating the relative merits of file size vs. ease of use. After reaching a stalemate with coworkers, they end up doing everything twice to satisfy both camps and carry around the baggage of added complexity for all time. The code grows and grows as it’s made to work cross-platform and eventually breaks one day when someone unfamiliar with the reason for the complexity decides to axe it in favor of the One True Way, which breaks some other app he or she isn’t working on.


      This is a story about one line in one file. But there are a hundred files, each containing a thousand lines, in a million apps. It doesn’t matter if you learn how to do it better next time. There are infinitely many problems, so if you think it ever gets any easier or that you will be spending any less of your time overcoming these types of obstacles, you are fooling yourself. It gets worse. And worse. And even worse.

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