My daily readings 10/03/2011

  • tags: Curation

    • Weaver, an assistant professor in the Marketing Unitat HBS, believes that part of Groupon’s success is borne of the careful way the company presents wares to its customers: providing a very limited amount of choices at a time, along with a brief, engaging description of each offering.
    • But like museums, these businesses must go beyond simply limiting choices, Weaver says. They must present their wares in such a way that the consumer understands and appreciates the limitations.


  • tags: Curation

    • I’ve always thought of curation as a great notion. In today’s media-soaked environment, regardless of what your interests are, there are simply too many stories, blog posts and videos generated every day to possibly visit, and we all get the sense that we are missing the good stuff.  A curator fills an important role, not in generating more content to add to the mix, but in taking the time to review that content and, based on personal taste and life/work experience, selecting items that may be of particular interest or are thought-provoking, perhaps adding some context or analysis along the way.
    • What this means is that, rather than the implicit assumption of “I have read this and found it useful or interesting, you might also”, what we are saying with today’s curation is “I saw this headline, check it out”.  Then we, as consumers of this curation effort, see the tweet, decide we don’t have time to read the actual story ourselves (we are busy after all), but immediately retweet it out to all our followers (thereby making us curators as well).
    • I started out by saying that I was confused.  Confused because when I look around at the current definitions being used for curation on the web, it appears that people simply mean “organization”.  There may be a filtering mechanism at play, but likely not.

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