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    • Ev left Google and I followed him shortly thereafter. I helped him with a startup that didn’t quite work out. We tried to sell it, but no luck. To save the day, Ev generously created Obvious—a company to buy this failure back from the investors with his own money. Jason Goldman joined us and the idea was that we could live our dream—developing multiple projects under one company with nobody to answer to but ourselves.
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    • In many ways, tablet-focused readers like Pulse, Flipboard, and now Editions, are the next phase of RSS readers. But they’re RSS readers that the masses will actually use because they’re actually user-friendly and oriented around experience and visuals. But because they’re so tailored for user experience, they often need partnerships beyond a simple RSS feed to bring in the necessary information to populate the apps. Today, Pulse has landed a massive fish in that regard: ESPN.
    • In addition to this deal, co-founder Akshay Kothari tells us that Pulse should today cross 5 millon users across all the platforms that Pulse is available on (iPad, iPhone, Android). It was only a month and a half ago that the service hit 4 million users, just in time to announce their big $9 million Series A round of funding.
    • 同时,重建公信力的努力不能仅限于总会层面,整个红十字会系统都需要行动起来。眼下,红十字会内部开始认同这样一个观点,即“一荣不能俱荣,一损却是俱损”。回头看看,去年爆出的地方红十字会的奢侈消费事件,曾轰动一时。这一事件,影响到的并不仅仅是一个区级红十字会,而是伤害了整个红十字会的品牌。如果地方红十字会不能积极响应总会的变革,依然因循守旧,“一损俱损”事件的继续发生,不是没有可能。
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    • If you look at the sync directory in the Chromium source code, you can find all of the proto files in the protocol subdirectory. If you want to see how the XMPP-based event notification protocol works, you might want to take a look at the sync listener tool included in the source code, which can log into Google’s XMPP server and echo sync notifications at the command line.


      The use of an open protobuf format and standards-based XMPP means that it should theoretically be possible for a third-party to create a client application that is interoperable with Chrome’s synchronization service. Of course, doing so in practice would still be a technically challenging undertaking.


      The mechanics are complicated and there is no high-level documentation that describes Chrome’s synchronization architecture. The comments in the source code are instructive and relatively thorough, but they tend to provide a bottom-up view that is—as you would expect of code comments—aimed more at articulating information that is relevant to Chrome contributors.


      One of the downsides of Chrome’s sophisticated synchronization protocol is that it’s largely overkill for developers who want to make simple clients, like mobile applications that provide convenient read-only access to the user’s bookmarks in the cloud. The user’s bookmark data is exposed through Google Docs, but it’s not accessible through the GData APIs. There were experimental REST APIs available at one point—which led to the development of some useful third-party client applications like SyncdMarks—but it has since been shut down. Google is expected to offer REST APIs for bookmarks again at some point in the future, but it’s not clear when it will happen.

      • While the API is still a work in progress, we’ve designed it to be as easy-to-use as possible:


        • It comes pre-processed; the data provided is a combination of data from the GPO MODS (metadata) files and the GPO bulkdata files and has gone through our cleanup procedures.
        • We’re using JSON as a lighter-weight, more web-friendly data transfer format
        • No API keys are needed; all you need is an HTTP client or browser.
    • This past week, we proudly released NowJS v0.7. This version is the most stable and performant version of NowJS to date. It’s managed to survive our vicious benchmarking tools and our ridiculously comprehensive test cases. But our greatest accomplishment with this release is that every single line of code is brand new.


    • Over a three month period, I raised an “advisory round” for my early stage startup from the likes of Esther Dyson, Dave McClure, Eric Ries, Josh Baer and others. During the fundraising process, I met a ton of investors both through soft introductions, straight out stalking and also through AngelList.

    • In the end, I ended up raising $350k (my goal was $250k, I was oversubscribed) and I managed the entire fundraising process over email using these key templates. Now, you can use them too to raise money for your startup.

    • Keep in mind that these templates do not replace the “soft intro” or the initial conversation where you talk to an investor and pique their interest. In my limited experience in fundraising, COLD CALLING and COLD EMAILING generally does not work. So get that “soft intro” first, or connect over AngelList and then start with the first template.
    • Facebook is up to something really big.

      Awhile ago they brought on Brandon Walkin ( who is, arguably, one of the most detailed-oriented user interface designers on the planet. He’s also a very talented Cocoa developer and apps that he’s worked on have won Apple Design Awards.

      Next, they acquired Sofa, another Apple Design Award-winning design & software firm who have created some of the best-looking apps for OS X.

      Now they nabbed Push Pop Press, founded by Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, who were both instrumental to the launch of the iPhone on the software side.

      Facebook is building an army of UI designers/developers who 1) used to work at Apple, or 2) have built apps Apple has deemed best-in-class.

      I’d be really surprised if Facebook isn’t working on something big to go up against Apple and Google. There were rumors of a Facebook phone, perhaps Facebook is building their own hardware and need a world-class design team to craft its OS? I can’t see Facebook sticking all this amazing talent on a redesign of Photos or Chat, or updating icons in Facebook’s iPhone app.

    • I wonder how Mike Matas would feel after a year of being at Facebook…

      When I first read about them and heard his TED talk, I really believed in what he was saying, that they aspired to change the way the world reads. I believed in his revolution…

      So, this is definitely a let down…

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    • The company has been heralded by design enthusiasts and the mainstream alike. In 2009 former Vice President Al Gore used to software to create the app version the book Our Choice, which Matas gave a talk about at TED in March. In 2011 the company won one of Apple’s lauded Design Awards for the same app.
    • That’s worked out well, the company has previously said, with strong growth. Since its business shift a year ago, Ning has said, it has had 400 percent year-on-year revenue growth, going from 17,000 to more than 100,000 subscribers and with 60 million monthly active users.
    • Ning has also recently tried to get into the highly competitive mobile social communications arena, with a service called Mogwee. The traction for the product does not appear to have been significant.
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    • One of the key themes from this story I relate to entrepreneurship is the nature of options. The inherent ambiguity you face in an early stage company often causes you to think 2 steps ahead. What if it fails? What if people don’t like the product? Often times these lingering questions can compel us to find ways to hedge our bets…for better or worse.
      • My sticky note
    • I’d like to believe the odds of success for founders who disengage their options are far greater than those who don’t. Its extraordinary what you’re capable of when you put yourself in a corner. The straightforwardness of succeed or die propels you to do things you’d never do. Coupled with  laser-like focus, this is a powerful combination. Compare this with someone who gets back in the boat when the going gets tough. I know who my money is on.
      • My second note

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