My daily readings 07/10/2011

      • Two years ago I started taking money from people in return for no-frills bookmarking. The signup price was rigged to grow by a fraction of a penny with each new user; it started at $2.04 for our very first customer (who immediately demanded a refund) and quickly soared to near the three dollar mark.  

        I posted our vital signs last year on this day; here’s an update from twelve months later:  

        • 27 million bookmarks
        • 12,500 active users
        • 16 million URLs
        • 3 TB of archived content
        • 99.8% uptime (29 hours offline)
      • No birthday post would be complete without the laundry list of new features we’ve added this year:  

        • Twitter integration with oauth
        • Keyboard shortcuts
        • French, German, and Japanese versions of the site
        • Full-text search (for archival users)
        • Tweet search
        • Filtering by multiple tags
        • Browser plugins
        • Better tag auto-complete
        • Instapaper integration (thanks Marco!)


        In the year to come I’m looking forward to adding some pleasant new features, making the site more resilient to datacenter trouble, and doing what I can to make sure I’ll be writing these birthday blog posts for many years to come. Thank you all for making this year such a triumph!

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