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    • Ah extrapolation by mean difference. My favourite part is the assumption that growth will continue to accelerate as market share increases, when firstly, that doesn’t make any sense, and secondly, we have data from Firefox’s growth showing that the opposite happens.
    • This article seems to forget that 1. IE is getting better, as much as we all hate to admit it, 2. IE is still the default browser of the world’s most popular operating system, 3. People are lazy and, as IE keeps getting better/faster, are going to be even more happy to just settle and get on with browsing the web – not argue over which browser is better.
    • There’s problems with all three of your statements:

      1. IE on XP isn’t getting any better, it’s stuck at IE8. I’m sure people in Redmond are as desperate for people to upgrade from XP as we all were for people to upgrade from IE6, but as we’ve experienced, wishing and hoping aren’t enough. Last I heard XP was 60% of Firefox base, and if you assume they are older machines, it makes sense that they also have an incentive to use the fastest browsers to wring the most out of their machines. If all they do is browse then it makes much better financial sense, and the alternative browser probably clears up a bunch of security problems too.

      2. IE isn’t the default browser in Europe, which is a market that’s bigger that the U.S. New users get prompted to choose from a short list, which includes Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. In many other countries IE isn’t as dominant due to language or cultural issues. In the UK and US which are traditionally strong for IE, Safari on Mac is also strong which makes up for weaker showings by Firefox and Chrome and that’s a growing and influential market that Microsoft has conceded entirely. Only China and South Korea are really IE strongholds and South Korea now has something like 15% Android thanks to an explosion of mobile browsing and being the home country of Samsung and LG (mobile being another growing and influential market that Microsoft seems totally out of the running for).

      3. If people really are that lazy then a) it prevents them upgrading XP, b) it prevents them switching back to IE if previously switched to (the auto-updating) Chrome and Firefox, and similarly switching from Android and iPhone in mobile..

    • I am looking at Google Analytics of a site popular with US teens that has >12M monthly uniques:

      1. Firefox 32.40%  2. Chrome 31.63%  3. IE 30.20% (last 30 days)

    •  叶海峰,湖北黄冈人,生于1976年。1997年,从西安纺织工学院毕业后,大学分派来到了嘉兴。“全国人才流动,沿海是个很好的就业方向,嘉兴的纺织服装企业多,就到嘉兴。”


        “国企呆了一年半,从车间技术员慢慢做业务,倒闭了,我就自己创业。” 他借了10万元注册了一家公司,专做以外贸为主的箱包销售公司。

    • 2007年,叶海峰觉得这个传统产业的未来没有前景,他看到互联网的契机,毅然投身电子商务。“传统外贸会对行业走向疲软,走向下滑。新的方向在哪里?第一个是国内市场,比外贸更有前途;第二个是电子商务,比传统商务更有机会。”
    •  网站运营初期,每天的下单量只有10多笔,连续两个月没什么突破。在随后的调查中,叶海峰发现,75%的客户流失在支付环节。9月,麦包包与支付宝合作,引入担保交易模式。
    •  “麦包包是一个渠道品牌,不是一个产品品牌。我们传递的是一种‘快时尚’,消费者买得起的时尚,具体一点,就是月收入10%买一个包,这么个平台。”叶海峰不希望时尚变成一种负担,他的理念就是快、轻。



    • 叶海峰现在回忆,全无感觉创业时的艰辛,但一枚“三年陈”的戒指,却道出了一丝苦涩。年初时,叶海峰写了一封致麦包包员工的邮件,里面提及只有13名同事获得“三年陈”戒指,“超过三年的员工我们只有十几位,创新艰辛,大部分人熬不住。”
    • 但他认为,“登顶的快乐,如果没有过程的痛苦,那快乐也不极致。”
    •   麦包包在嘉兴、广州设有仓储中心,嘉兴辐射长三角和环渤海,广州辐射珠三角,今年年底计划五地分仓,增加北京、成都、武汉三处,实现覆盖中国80%地域当日下单,隔天送货的“快物流”模式。“仓储是自己的,配送是别人的,基本上和国内主要几个物流公司合作,‘四通一达’。”
    •  “Walter是投资人给介绍的,李淼和邱玉栋是朋友引荐的。吸引他们的,首先是公司的未来有很好的前途,第二是公司整个企业文化比较好,主要是这两方面,让他们感觉到未来有前途、有安全感。”



    • 讲到麦包包,传统产业升级、转型,我可能对大家有借鉴。
    • 叶海峰同时透露,大牌奢侈品的包,物力成本与麦包包相差不大。一个包的制造成本,一般在几十元到一千元以内:帆布包,几十元到一百多;牛皮和羊皮,一百元到一千元以内,不会超过一千元;鳄鱼皮,大多实际上是牛皮压制出的纹路,实际上是牛皮。“一万多的Gucci包,成本500-800元之间,人工占整个成本的十分之一以下。”

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