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    • That’s a good idea.  You can use request.Method = “HEAD” which would be faster.  But it doesn’t always work so you’d have to first try it with the “HEAD” method, then upon an error with a “GET” method to get achieve reliable results.  Try it with the downloadable sample code which contains a link to to see what I mean.
    • You’re right, this piece of code is obviously not designed for performance critical scenarios, but it is easy and works well for my client-side apps.  If performance was a concern, one could combine it into a single request that downloads byte by byte and uses text parsing (instead of a RegEx) as the file is downloaded to look at the header and body and stop downloading after the wrong header or </title> tag is found.
    • Is this Google’s response to MS purchasing skype? Seems like the classic strategy of commoditizing your competitor’s business (and they get a 2-for-1 deal since Apple is also wielding FaceTime).
    • One way to decimate adversaries is to open-source your entire competitive advantage. Unfortunately that only works when you’re the market leader.

      So nobody cares about open-sourcing WebRTC. Something that would be actually noticeable in this field right now would be Microsoft that open-sources Skype and gives everything away under the BSD license.


      bad_user 20 days ago | link


           So nobody cares about open-sourcing WebRTC 

       Except the people that would want to use it? Think of Chatroulette.

           Something that would be actually noticeable in this       field right now would be Microsoft that open-sources      Skype 

       Noticeable yes, but useful, not really.

      What would be useful is for Skype to become a standard that allows interoperability with other services and protocols, such that you could build a client, like a website, that would allow users with a GTalk account to video-call Skype users. Now that would be something.

    • However, the proportion of paid downloads and the overall revenue still lag behind that of the United States and Europe. Distimo reports that customers in Asian markets are more inclined to download a free version of an app vs. pay for an ad-free version. The average download volume of the 300 most popular applications (free and paid) in all Asian countries combined is about equal to the average volume in the United States.



      But for paid applications only, this ratio drops to one-third, showing that iPhone users in the United States are more eager to pay for applications. Excluding Japan, this figure even drops to one-sixth.


      Distimo says that Japan actually generates the majority of the revenue in Asia regarding iPhone apps. The total revenue in Asia is about two-thirds of the revenue in the United States. This figure is higher than one-third due to the higher average selling prices of the 300 most popular applications in Asia ($2.62) compared to the United States ($1.48).


      Moreover, in-app purchases have not yet taken off in Asia. For example, in China only 34% of the revenue from the 200 top grossing applications originates from applications that feature in-app purchase. But that doesn’t mean that in-app purchases could quickly scale in Asian markets in the coming year. In the U.S., in-app payments nearly doubled in a year. Distimo says in June 2010, revenue from applications that feature in-app purchase in the United States was only 39%, however by May 2011 it increased to 68%.

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    • 马云总是要闹出一件事情来玩,说来赌,我们一杆定输赢。前一天晚上就定好了,我们是要去那儿比赛的,参会的人来下注。当时就是100美金一杆,谁打得远,谁赢,每一注是100美金,一半人下在我身上,一半人下在马云身上。当时会打球的人,全是赌马云赢;不会打球的人,赌我赢。因为我比马云高大一些,认为我一定会打赢。其实他们懂的人知道,一使劲那个球肯定打不着。
    •  雅虎的杨致远在那儿花时间跟马云有一个私下的交流,当时有个细节一般的人不太知道。当时eBay是很大的公司,现在eBay也是蛮大的,是个大概300多亿美元市值的公司,当时他们的市值还要高。因为当时互联网泡沫,他们大概是500多亿美元的市值。那个时候如果eBay跟阿里巴巴打,阿里巴巴很害怕,高盛那些公司都很害怕,都要跑,根本打不过,马云需要钱。







    •   事后复盘,郭为认为如果回到10年前,他最想避免的一个错误就是在神码成立之初没有做减法,导致了2003年的一系列危机。“我那个时候如果踏踏实实的,集中全部精力把代理分销进一步做的更漂亮,我觉得后面向IT服务转型可能会更轻松一点。”神码所提供的IT服务其基础就是自己所销售的产品,而它的优势也在于对诸多厂商和品牌的了解。虽然不再把业务重点放在代理分销上,但是对于这些产品和业务的梳理足够精细,在提供IT总包这样的服务时,其沟通成本就会更低,而IT服务又是智慧城市的组成部分,求变的同时如果专注于分销业务这一基础,显然神码的路会更顺利。

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