My daily readings 06/19/2011

      • To summarize, the order in which directives are checked is as follows: 


        1. Directives with the “=” prefix that match the query exactly. If found, searching stops. 
        2. All remaining directives with conventional strings. If this match used the “^~” prefix, searching stops. 
        3. Regular expressions, in the order they are defined in the configuration file. 
        4. If #3 yielded a match, that result is used. Otherwise, the match from #2 is used.
    • Note that you could define these 4 configurations in any order and the results would remain the same. While nested locations are allowed by the configuration file parser, their use is discouraged and may produce unexpected results.
    •   董明珠:在格力,有个不成文的规定,只要是从同行企业出来的,无论多能干,原则上不收留。不是说别人不优秀,但如果仅靠别人培养人才,本身就是一个贪婪的行为。跳槽的人,在原来企业“叛逃”有很多原因,但大部分都是利益上的问题,或者说个人的利益,比如个人愿望达不到满足。在珠三角,其实存在许多“商业间谍”,在原公司授意下,跑到别的公司“潜伏”几年,然后辞职,将后来公司的一些经营秘密带回原公司。别的公司有过前车之鉴,所以格力用人也非常小心。



    •   董明珠:因为格力的企业文化是不一样的。格力更多倡导文化教育,而不是经济交易。很多人说,你到我这儿来我给你高薪,但在我看来,如果一个人的着眼点就是为了能挣更多的钱,以自我为中心,永远带一种贪婪的心情去做事,很难建设好的企业文化。格力坚持培养一种奉献精神,我们的幸福感和价值观在于能够让更多人幸福起来,这就是你的价值。因此从格力出去的人,相对单纯,不会搞人际关系,因此在别的公司往往显得格格不入,很难融入。



    • 在团队里面就要有不同的角色,哪些人适合什么样的角色,不是说明年、后年我们准备退了,我现在再来考虑,那是不对的。培养接班人是一个长期的工作,它需要不断地去储备,我们现在都讲市场经济、职业经理人的问题,但是我并不希望这些人成为一个简单的职业经理人。我觉得他们爱这个企业就像爱自己的家一样,这样的团队对企业才是真正有意义的。
    •   董明珠:我对接班人的要求有三点:第一要忠诚,第二要有奉献精神,第三要讲诚信。如果这几个最基本的要素不具备,他的能力再强,对企业来说可能是埋了一个定时炸弹。我在格力倡导的文化就是“忠诚”,看到韩剧里面的警察见面打招呼就是互相说“忠诚”,这让我很得意。我希望以后格力的员工见面也是这样打招呼,从而形成格力独特的文化。我认为一个领导者应该具有一种奉献的精神,就是不能考虑个人得失,而应该将自己更多的精力全身心地投入到企业里面,把自己的生命与企业联系在一起。我想这也是企业的生命力所在。
    • The most important is that Nginx is a reverse proxy first and HTTP server second, it does not necessarily have a concept of file, this will change the way we handle our configuration a bit.
      • What’s the meaning of Proxy first and HTTP server second?
    • When using the official wiki the context keyword specifies in which block a directive may be used, as mentioned earlier it is usually recommended to specify the directive in the top most block.
      • I don’t understand it. 
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    • I don’t know why they won’t use nice looking ads from sites like Carbon or The Deck, which IMO add value rather than take away.

      I just read that Tumblr has passed WordPress in terms of # of installed blogs, but I believe Matt’s company makes tons more cash. Very interesting too, considering WP is OS.

    • WordPress has also enabled lots of developers to make tons of money through templates and plugins. For example, woothemes makes millions/year selling wordpress templates.
    • Posterous: Add affiliate links, special marketing deals with brands

      Tumblr: Premium themes, featured directory listings, “digital stickers”

      They could probably earn a lot more if they started with ads or premium accounts. Right now it looks like they’re focused on acquiring users, the focus on profits will likely come later.

    • Two of Tumblr’s three sources of revenue (featured directory listings and digital stickers to put on directory listings) are no longer after they ditched the old directory system a few months ago in favor of a curated one.
    • If they could fetch $1 cpm and sell their entire inventory they could pull $1M/day.

      Correction: $1M every four days

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