My daily readings 05/28/2011

    • The most important difference between TweetPhoto and Plixi is a new feature involving user-created events and places. Anyone on Plixi can create an event or place using the new service, and these can be either public or private, as desired. An event could be something as large as a rock concert or as small as a 4-year-old’s birthday party. Plixi users at these events can upload their photos to a collective pool via a unique email address or the new Plixi iPhone application (awaiting approval). This allows all the photos from a particular event to be gathered into one place instead of being “scattered all over the Web,” says Sean Callahan, Plixi’s co-founder and CEO.
    • With Plixi, the company will also focus heavily on privacy. Instead of re-creating your social graph by importing your Facebook and Twitter friends, you create a new social graph on the site. While that seems a bit tedious, it also allows you to get a fresh start by specifying who can see what photos as they are shared.
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    • Plixi is an enormously popular social photo sharing application that serves more than 1 billion photos monthly. The startup rebranded from “Tweetphoto” last year, as the photo sharing network expanded beyond Twitter to other platforms like Facebook and MySpace and added location-based check-in features. While Plixi offers a standalone web and iPhone app, more than 300 developers have integrated Plixi’s photo sharing technology, including Seesmic, TweetDeck and others and the startup handles more than 67 million API requests daily.
    • Over time, Lockerz and Plixi plan to developing new media sharing features to engage customers, such as the ability for Lockerz members to share their activities, photos and videos
      on other social networks. The newly combined company will also focus on increasing and
      enhancing celebrity content.
    • Seriously though, this isn’t just one engineer they’re looking for to work on fun products (like the nifty, but experimental Mac Desktop Notifications app), this is an entire team they’re building. Again, to work on desktop apps. The job description:
      • Similar responsibilities for diigo’s client developers.
      • Work closely with our product and design teams to define feature specifications
      • Work closely with our Platform team to build server-side APIs and interfaces in support of these applications
      • Conduct design and code reviews
  • 这是个有趣而又惊人的事实:人们在面对全新事物之时会变得格外悲观,即便他们通常很乐观。于此同时,同样的人,在觉得自己对某事已经熟悉之后,又会变得过分乐观。第一个事实往往会把一个聪明人变成笨蛋,不幸的是,后一个事实的作用也是如此。

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