My daily readings 05/23/2011

    •  陶闯:2011年,70%的电视机都有互联网接口或部分预装了视频功能,用户市场是存在的。目前规模化的推广还在看国家的政策和政策力度。美国本地市场的互联网电视在今年出货量会达到90%以上。


    • 陶闯:不是很容易。视频是一个内容为核心的服务。在内容的前提下是可以建造SNS人群关系的。但这是SNS的一个垂直应用。
    •   陶闯:国外有web video和online TV之分类。PPTV是做网络电视(online TV),不是web ideo。当技术门槛减小后,我相信几乎各网站都会有视频内容。他们会将视频体系化,分类化,垂直化。但是强势和高粘度的online TV不会很多。
    •   陶闯:客户端和网站这是产品的两种形态。会员中心是连接器。我有幸请教过youtube创始人之一Steve Chan。我问他对客户端的看法,他的回答“只要你有用户喜欢的体验,是网站还是客户端,并不最重要”。我们的经验是,大量高粘度用户喜欢客户端观看长视频。
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    • The other common way for a shareholder to “gain liquidity” is if the company gets permissionfrom the Securities and Exchange Commission to publicly sell its stock. There are a lot of regulations around trying to make sure that unsophisticated members of the general public don’tget defrauded by companies selling ownership, especially post-Enron, so this is a long and difficultprocess and generally doesn’t make a lot of sense in the U.S. if your company is making less than$100m/year and has been profitable for several years in a row. When the company “goes public”and has an “Initial Public Offering”
      , it creates some new Common stock that it sells toinvestment banks called
      that in turn sell the stock to members of the generalpublic or other investors. Done well, this process generates a bunch of cash that the company canuse to grow, and the company’s employees can sell some of their stock on the market after a brief “lockup” period.
    • Debt-holders are always first in line (if the company has various lines of debt, which debt gets paid first is usually spelled out), followed by the Preferredshareholders, followed by Common.
    •   尽管经过了多轮融资,京东的控制权也未旁落。刘强东指出,在自己的投资人中,99.9%都是属于风险投资人,包括沃尔玛家族,李彦宏以及另外一位行业人士,之所以选择他们,是因为他们在零售、金融、互联网行业的影响力,而他们所占的股份都不到1%。


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