My daily readings 04/30/2011

    •   游戏已经进入到内测阶段,但是,始终不能达到公司的满意。宝开有个不成文的规定,游戏正式上线前,首先,由内部至少30名员工进行内测,如果通不过,就取消上线。詹姆斯“胡子的应许”之后,上海开发团队陆续有20个人也开始不刮胡子了。


        目前,宝开最大的市场是美国和英国,中国是亚洲市场中最大的。针对中国市场,宝开开发了很多本土化的产品。例如,针对联想公司的乐Pad,它的屏幕与 iPad的4:3不同,使用了16:9的设计,因此,游戏的设计、研发和制作都做出了相应的调整。


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    • Basically, Milanoo appears to be doing the same thing as J.C. Penney. The ecommerce site has been buying spammy links to both its homepage as well as to individual product pages, and these sites have linked, thus boosting Milanoo’s ranking above other, more well-known retailers in Google search.

      Using the Open Site Explorer tool from SEOMoz, Hobart and Pierce say they couldn’t find a single inbound link that points to the page that isn’t spam or paid for. We too took a look at Open Site Explorer, searched for Milanoo’s link to “Evening Gown,” and found incoming links from NicePromOnline. Ok, so these aren’t as far fetches as J.C. Penney, but spammy sites nonetheless.

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