My daily readings 04/14/2011

    • Completely agree that targeting primarily mobile people is a big opportunity, but this still comes back to figuring out what can be done now that could not be done before. So not saying new problems need to be solved can be old problems but using new ways.
    • Let’s not forget that very common feature on these data devices: the ability to make a phone call to a person (or machine in the case of many customer service operations these days).

      So integrating native or web apps to the device’s calling feature may seem pretty basic, but is also very easily overlooked. Note how few mobile apps display a phone number in a “prominently clickable” fashion.

      Lots of businesses out there still want your phone call ahead of your anonymous data click. There will be some breakthrough apps that make the calling process integrate really well with the data features.

    • this is correct. the opportunity is juxtaposed to the twitter line “what are you doing” and is “what do you need” in real-time. The mobile is the perfect platform for impulse actions – not curration. I struggle with alot of the Apps in this context as they just require too many steps and too much time.
    • so true. i was on a bike ride today and was going to tweet about it when i got off the bike. but i forgot to and by the time i was in front of my computer, the impulse/urge was long gone. so it never saw the light of day

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