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    • As I see it, the big question people should be asking is, “Will mobile applications and the technologies that support them change the way people communicate, get information and do business to the degree that the web did starting in 1996?” Personally, I say yes. The dot-com boom was not a singular moment in history, just a notable one—but if there’s anything we can learn from the history of tech, it’s that there’s always something bigger on the horizon.
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      • 1)New to you 2)Combination 3)Truly new The less you study, read, research, the easier it is to think that your idea is unique.
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    • Some men see things as they are and ask why.
      Others dream things that never were and ask why not.
      George Bernard Shaw
    • Where Did We Go Wrong?
      It’s not that the tools are wrong, I think the entrepreneurship management stack is correct and has made a major contribution to reducing startup failures. Where I think we have gone wrong is the belief that anyone can use these tools equally well.
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      • When delicious was acquired, it’s our chance to build a great sharing tool. But we didn’t have the vision at that time. A very expensive lesson. 
      • We are slow in 2 things. Slow to adapt/evolve ideas. Build things slowly. 
  • Why doesn’t YC share office?  Expensive? 

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    • Earlier this week 500 Startups announced the creation of The, a designer-centric fund with the aim of increasing the number of startups co-founded by people who have design experience. As quite a few startups like Tumblr, YouTube, Android and Flickr have achieved success because of their designer founders, founder and 500 Startups designer Enrique Allen wants to foster a community that replicates their success.
    • When asked whether the fund was looking specifically for a UX, UI, or just plain graphic designer founders, Allen told me he was looking for “T-shaped people” a.k.a people with in-depth experience in one area but a broad outlook and a wide range of experiences.
    • 尽管Myspace最终也在旧金山和西雅图设立了办事处,但分析师认为,此时对于吸引顶尖工程师来说为时已晚,他们正纷纷涌向Facebook、谷歌和新一代Web 2.0创业公司。另一个障碍是Myspace缺乏创业公司的常见激励机制。一旦创业公司被某些上市大公司收购,他们就不能再提供廉价的优先认股权,这些股权可能价值数百万,能激励年轻团队一天工作18个小时。
    • 大概就在那个时候,MySpace高层开始将同谷歌的合作协议(一度被华尔街认为是一次重大胜利)看作是双刃剑。根据双方签订的协议,谷歌要求MySpace必须保证一定数量的用户经常访问其网站,只有这样才会向MySpace支付每年3亿美元的营收保证金,一连持续三年。这降低了MySpace的经营灵活性,令其无法在自己的网站上实验新产品。



    • MySpace高层表示,如果再让他们选择一次,宁愿签订像Facebook与微软达成的那种灵活的协议。这种协议基于收入分成而非营收保证。现金流并不是MySpace运营的唯一一个问题。
    • 自从被新闻集团收购以来,MySpace的创新力度就不够。该网站运行于微软.NET技术,这被许多人认为是一个严重缺陷。很少有Web 2.0开发者使用这个平台,它也不适于一个拥有数千万用户的网站。一位在德沃尔夫离任后加盟MySpace的高层表示:“MySpace网站内的平台极不稳定。微软.NET技术架构在MySpace系统上编码耗费的时间是在其他技术平台上耗费时间的10到15倍。”


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