My daily readings 04/09/2011

  • tags: Startup

  • Love my web

  • I love mac

  • New note 

    Can it be synced?

  • A new note on the web,haha

  • Test another note on Mac, hehe

  • This is a  note written on Mac

  • This is a new note from the webCan it be synced to Quick Note on Mac?

  • tags: smart toy

    • I’m very excited to announce the launch of a new product I’ve been working on for the past months!
      IOIO (pronounced: yo-yo) is a product which lets you connect electronic circuits to an Android device and control them from an Android application.
      It is comprised of a small (2.7×1.2″ = 7x3cm) PCB that connects to an Android device with a USB cable and a software library (Java .jar file) that you use in your Android app which handles all communications with the board.
      No firmware programming is required – only Android application authoring with a very simple API (see examples below) for controlling the pins on the board. No modification of the Android device is required – you avoid the complication of modification and the voiding of warranty.
    • How much more? Page is so focussed on it that 25 percent of everyone’s annual bonus at Google, reports SAI, will be tied to how well it does with social. That’s how much Facebook scares Page. But he’s not crazy. Social is critical. If people shift from search to sharing as the primary means to find information, then Google needs to figure out how to tap into social, and fast.
    • On the browser front, Google is gaining with Chrome in terms of market share, but more important to the company is simply to keep pressure on all the other browser makers to speed up the Internet experience for consumers. The faster people can move around the Web, the more they search.

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