My daily readings 04/07/2011

    • It is too easy to focus on the idea as the reason for being, but an idea is really little more than a set of assumptions about a particular customer, their demands and any relative offerings from competitors in the market. It’s your job in a startup to recognize that your idea is based on assumptions, and your responsibility to be as objective as possible in testing those assumptions. Know that if you aim to prove your own assumptions right, you will inevitably find a way to do so. Be objective, and have faith that getting proven wrong could actually work out in your favor.
    • That’s great, but recognize that you need real customer feedback, preferably from Day 1. Real customers don’t know you from the fifth person from the left in row A, aisle 216 at a baseball game – they are strangers, but strangers that will in some way pay for your product (in dollars or time). Spend your efforts getting in front of these people, not perfecting your pitch with the people you already know and love. And if you don’t know how to approach customers, see my earlier post on hacks for better customer development.

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