My daily readings 04/05/2011

  • Easy payment system for individuals  

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  • Use beforeload to block ads

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    • 烟花三月下江南—–喝着明前茶,赏着油菜花,吃着河豚鱼,听着古刹钟声,幸福之极!故戒慎恐惧,反省自身,我何德之有?特立七宗自戒律,以为修身之要。









  •  How exactly do you spot the next big thing?

    • Second, since it knew the solution, it went into a 8-year Waterfall engineering development process. Waterfall development is a sequential way to develop a product (requirements, design, implementation, verification – ship.) Waterfall makes lots of sense in a market with the customer problem is known and all customer needs and product features can be specified up front. It is death in a rapidly changing business. Waterfall development shut off Iridium’s ability to listen, learn, test and adapt to changing customer needs and a rapidly changing market place.
      • The dynamic nature of the business(the needs) require flexible attitude. 
    • Iridium could have pivoted. They had a lot of sunk R&D costs, but the initial 66 satellites were built and launched in an enormous binge between 1997 and 1998. They had a gap of at least six years between conceiving the idea and building the first piece of hardware. I believe that they failed to do so because they were preoccupied with the idea of providing truly global handheld telephony, rather than the more mundane task of making a product that people want. Iridium brilliantly solved the technical problem of providing telephone coverage to parts of the world with very few people, but failed to realise the basic flaw in that business model.
    • Iridium is now a great service, $1/min, global coverage – the wonders of Chapter 11. Of course, you could do the same article about Global Crossing, Worldcom and all the other insane telcos who sank billions into long-haul fibre-optic cables in the late 1990s, and the smart people who bought up that capacity for pennies on the dollar afterwards. The Internet would never have scaled to today’s traffic had those visionaries not built out that capacity and taken their companies down doing it. Still most of the submarine cable capacity built in the late 1990s is not lit.

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