My daily readings 04/02/2011

  • 找不到、招不起好的移动工程师怎么办?Justin.tv创始人简谚濠 @justinkan 文章分享了他组建移动开发团队的经验:不用找已有经验的开发者,自己培养更好。 感谢Justin授权。

  • 时间真快 RT @virushuo: gmail04年4月1日发布,4月29号 @tinyfool 给了我邀请,一晃7年过去了。gmail生日快乐!这是伟大的创新,创新未必是去做一个从来没存在过的事情,也可以是用和别人完全不同方式去做。

    • 尤里在今年2月首度出现在中国媒体的视野中,但“实际上他去年底就来过中国”。华兴资本CEO包凡说,当时他带着尤里拜访了“几乎所有的中国互联网公司”。他的目标:是找到国内平台级的、不是特别早期的互联网公司进行投资。

        DST Global几乎被认为是颠覆了硅谷式的投资模式。


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    • We ended up taking the approach we have always taken at JTV to solve every problem: we hired or repurposed smart engineers to work on our mobile apps who didn’t necessarily have a ton (read: any) experience. Our philosophy has always been to hire talented engineers with strong programming backgrounds and let them work on areas of the company they are interested in, regardless of domain experience. Subsequently, we grew our mobile teams to 2 iOS engineers, 1 Android engineer, and 1 mobile product designer. 
    • 爱德华是一名牙科医生,他第一台办公电脑是IBM XT,1984年即马克出生那年购买的,硬盘容量只有当前普通计算机硬盘容量的2.5%。爱德华第一次教儿子编程用的是家里的Atari 800,看起来像一台大型的电子打字机。



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    • Generally, someone doesn’t become CEOs unless she has a high sense of purpose and cares deeply about the work she does. In addition, a CEO must be accomplished enough or smart enough that people will want to work for her. Nobody sets out to be a bad CEO, run a dysfunctional organization, or create a massive bureaucracy that grinds her company to a screeching halt. Yet no CEO ever has a smooth path to a great company. Along the way, many things go wrong and all of them could have and should have been avoided.
    • When people in my company would complain about something or other being broken such as the expense reporting process, I would joke that it was all my fault. The joke was funny, because it wasn’t really a joke. Every problem in the company was indeed my fault. As the founding CEO, every hire and every decision that the company ever made happened under my direction. Unlike a hired gun that comes in and blames all of the problems on the prior regime, there was literally nobody for me to blame.

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