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    • TWO and a half years ago, Congress passed the legislation that bailed out the country’s banks. The government has declared its mission accomplished, calling the program remarkably effective “by any objective measure.” On my last day as the special inspector general of the bailout program, I regret to say that I strongly disagree. The bank bailout, more formally called the Troubled Asset Relief Program, failed to meet some of its most important goals
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  • 创业格言:你必须解决人们真正的问题,但问题是人们通常不知道自己真正的问题是什么,所以这问题很棘手。 ~Joshua Schachter(Delicious创始人)

    • Bedier started his Web 2.0 Expo talk by emphasizing that eCommerce hasn’t changed very much in 13 years, but then said that it was about to go through a major transition, as the convergence of mobile, local and social will change the industry. He set aside three elements that needed to be in place before the next eCommerce revolution.

      1. Payments need to go digital.

      2. Inventory needs to live in the cloud.

      <!– p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} –>3. Identity needs to be interoperable.

      So what does the future of eCommerce look like? It looks like it did 50 years ago, with a completely personalized experience according to Bedier. “But over coming these challenges, it’s not about any one app site or company,” everyone has to work together, Bedier said.

    • Again, you’ll be able to +1 any Google ad you see in results just as if it were a regular result. This is similar to the concept Digg has been using with Digg Ads (ads that you can digg), and sort of like the way you can retweet any Twitter Promoted tweet. Of course, it’s most like the way that you can “like” any ad on Facebook as well.

      At the end of the day, that’s what this really all comes down to. Whether they’ll admit it or not, Google is at war with Facebook for control of the web. Facebook is coming at it from a social perspective, Google from a data perspective. But the two sides have been inching closer to one another. Facebook isn’t fully doing search — yet. But their social ad play is also a huge threat to Google. Probably even a bigger threat, since that’s the way Google makes the vast majority of their money. And +1 is a big attempt to keep pace with Facebook in that regard.

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    • He said it was awkward from the start. Biz was trying to throw jokes around, and each joke died. “It seemed like he had twelve people in his head,” explains Biz, “He was prepared for every scenario.” Zuck told Ev and Biz that he doesn’t like to talk numbers, but if they told him a number he would say yes or no. The $500 million price was thrown out and Zuck responded with “that’s a big number.” Eventually Biz says there was an offer of a mix of cash and stock but when Ev returned to the office that afternoon, he wrote Zuck a note that they were flattered by the offer but not interested in selling. And the rest is history.
    • Again, easy to understand, simple, but still giving me everything I might need. I can add more people to the conversation, go back to earlier messages, or call people.
    • This is a far cry from how most people use Skype, but the point is that Skype used to support both kinds of users. If you were a casual user, Skype used to be simple and easy to understand. If you had more demanding needs, Skype used to be able to grow alongside your needs.
    • 奇虎360共发行了1210万份美国存托股票(ADS),每股发行价14.50美元,开盘价为27美元。IPO之后,奇虎360发行在外的普通股接近1.75亿股,约合1.17亿股ADS,另向基石投资者定向发行3334276股ADS,奇虎360共发行约1.2亿股ADS。以开盘价计,奇虎360公司市值达到了32.4亿美元,超过了盛大的28.76亿美元。
    • 投资界3月30日晚消息,安全软件开发商奇虎360科技有限公司(以下简称“奇虎360”)于今晚在纽约证券交易所挂牌上市,首日开盘价为27美元,较发行价14.50美元上涨86.2%,总市值约32.4亿美元,超过了盛大的28.76亿美元。按照每ADS收益0.075美元计算,开盘价市盈率正好360倍。周鸿祎、涂鸿川、齐向东三股东成三大赢家。

    • 根据招股说明书,前三大股东及IPO前后持股比例如下:




    • Fact is, Sequoia isn’t a fly-by-night operation. No doubt they’re investing in the idea, the team and the (non-public) direction it’s going. I wouldn’t be so quick to declare failure.

      Spontaneous geo connections, which seems to be the idea (like most other people, I don’t quite “get it” yet), is an interesting idea. It reminds me a little of Twitter, actually.

    • I am just looking at the idea and it looks overly complex to be instantly usable. Experimental if you will, solving a problem that does not exists, and more fit for an academic research rather than a business venture. That’s not even considering the amount of funding.
    • I think they’re trying to enable “introverts,” give them confidence and an icebreaker to approach people around them. Your solution, “put away your phone” is easier said than done, especially for introverts. Personally I hate being glued to my phone in public as many people are, because it reminds me of how far apart people are by using their phone as a crutch to not interact.

      Its hard to predict how color might affect an outdoor street atmosphere, but their goals are admirable.

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    • After watching the interview I had what you could probably describe as an epiphany: Proximity and general “localness” are topics that really we have only yet scratched the surface of. Seeing this refreshing view of what a social network like this could look like, really opens up the door to all kinds of possibilities.
    • i had this same epiphany when i saw the ‘waze’ app in action .. it’s a geolocal social network for people on the move (with built-in free gps) .. that way you can chat with people who are on the road with you, even if you have no idea who they are and you never actually meet them.. i discovered the app while stuck in a 2hr traffic jam and the updates from everyone else sitting in the same jam were awesome .. and exciting and transformed the experience of being stuck in traffic to a social experience. very cool.
    • Radian6 helps clients like Dell, GE, Kodak and UPS monitor, analyze and engage in ‘hundreds of millions’ of social media conversations. Salesforce argues that the acquisition of the company will enable it to enhance all of its products, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and
    • Video journalist Adrian Brown wanders through malls of vacant shops, and roads lined with empty apartment buildings… 64 million apartments are said to be empty across the country and one of the few shop owners says he once didn’t sell anything for four or five days.
    • WATCH – Click to see his report.
    • COURTING EAST TIMOR – Viewers might also be interested in this week’s story about China‘s increasing military cooperation with East Timor, and the implications for Australian politics.
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