My daily readings 03/24/2011

  • How fast the innovation is! Also a very smart move

    tags: Innovation speed

      • Why didn’t I have such an idea? I get the same information about the speech feature, but didn’t think and connect it with users pain.
    • Speechify is an extension that Dugley Labs churned out in record speed yesterday. With it, many of the search boxes you visit on the web gain the little microphone icon that when clicked, allows you to speak your search. It works on Google, Bing, YouTube, Hulu — a ton of sites. And it works well.
    • But the founding team goes a long way toward explaining it. Headed by Bill Nguyen — who sold Lala to Apple in late 2009 — the company has attracted a wealth of talent. It has seven founders including Nguyen and company president Peter Pham, who previously founded BillShrink. And its chief of product is DJ Patil, who was previously LinkedIn’s chief scientist.
  • tags: startups

    • Of course, Demo Day is a bit different from what it was a year or two ago. The spectre of a $0 bank account is further off, as Y Combinator companies are now being offered $150,000 in convertible debt by Start Fund, the fund created by Yuri Milner and Ron Conway’s SV Angel. And there are now more companies than ever — 43 companies presented during Demo Day this afternoon, which means they’re each given a bit less time.

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