My daily readings 03/02/2011

    • LetterMPress could be the first of these sort of tools, that take advantage of the touch tablet interface’s inherent potential for artistry and creative work. I mean imagine a hardcore Photoshop designed for touch. As I’m hearing that tomorrow’s iPad launch will increasingly focus on the iPad as a tool for creation not consumption, perhaps Steve Jobs and Bonadies are on the same page, a digital one.
  • tags: Startup

    • I had this very long list of things I thought would be cool. Greplin was always near the top. But my mistake at Y Combinator was not listening to my own intuition enough. There’s the line “Wouldn’t it be cool if this thing existed?” but those aren’t often good ideas, because you’re not the ideal user. It’s also very hard to make a product when you’re not the target audience. Because you have to make decisions along the way, and unless you would be the target user, you’re going to make the wrong decisions. Understanding that fact was my “a-ha” moment. Greplin was the one project idea I had for which I was the target audience.
    • Phrase relies on two mechanics for its growth. First, the act of using the app to post to your wall and feed also leaves a link to the app for your friends to follow. Instead of relying on entertaining and engaging the individual user until they purposefully share the app with friends, sharing with friends is its only function.
  • tags: Facebook Viral

    • Phrases does nothing special to earn its popularity and is merely an application that allows users to express themselves through their Facebook walls using user-generated images and, well, phrases.

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