My daily readings 03/01/2011

    • Developers are free to use whatever editor they choose. I use SlickEdit for native C/C++ and assembly language work, and Visual Studio 2010 for managed code (C#).

      The code-compile-test-debug turnaround time is very fast. The tool I’m currently working on is about 25 thousand lines of C# code (not including comments, blank lines and other fluff). Not big, but not tiny. I can compile and run the 250 or so unit tests in about two minutes – on my laptop. My desktop is faster.  Native C/C++ code takes a little longer to compile, I have an nine thousand line project that takes about 1 minute to compile, and a few minutes to run through the basic unit tests.

    • UPDATE based on comments here and on Reddit:  There are comon coding styles (standards) used in Windows.  For example, the Shell team and the Kernel team use a common coding style.  The kernel team holds this to a high art.   It is common for a set of modules, and comoents to all be written in the same style.  They key point is tha tthis is up tot the team (or team’s) that own the code.   There is no thoughless imposistion of one guys coding standards on the organization.

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