My daily readings 02/28/2011

    • The iPad 2 and iPhone 5 are likely to push the Apple share forward immediately. But don’t sleep on OS X Lion either. The early indications are that Apple has indeed made it much more iOS-like. That means millions of iPad/iPhone/iPod touch owners who have traditionally been PC users, are going to feel a lot more comfortable on a Mac than ever before.

      And a new PC-to-Mac data migration system built in to Lion will only help that.

      OS X Lion is going to feed off of iOS users, and vice versa. And the Mac ecosystem is going to continue to expand. Just as happened in the browser world with Chrome taking over, a transition is happening among TechCrunch readers in the ecosystem space. The numbers don’t lie. And Microsoft better pray that our readers aren’t leading indicators of overall trends in the space — which is exactly what you have been in the past.

    •   与美国总部的硬件团队相比,中国团队的强项是工程设计、电子电路、模具、机械、生产。但在最重要的前端研发、工业设计方面一直不强。微软亚洲硬件中心两年前开始转型,希望成为一个强调创新、能独立开发全球产品的团队。一方面,中国的高速发展吸引了更多国际工业设计人才加盟,另一方面,胡君明要求自己的团队尽快缩小与总部工程师之间的差距。为此,硬件中心特别制定了一个“请客吃饭”计划。每个到总部出差的工程师,不放过任何机会,边吃边聊结识总部最棒的工程师。在良好人际关系的基础上,获得那些天才们的指导和帮助,迅速提高自身能力。
    • easing its Xoom tablet on Feb. 24, and I consider it the first truly comparable competitor to Apple’s hit iPad. That is partly because it is the first iPad challenger to run Honeycomb, an elegant new version of Google’s Android ope
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    • Promotion is only a part of marketing.

      The first thing you learn when studying marketing is the “four P’s” of the marketing mix: product, price, place, promotion. Advertising is a subset of promotion. How applicable advertising is to your company’s marketing strategy depends on your company.

      I don’t see much value in any broad-stroke commentary, but it’s at least good to understand what marketing is and what it’s composed of. Creating a product is as much about marketing as buying an ad.

    • Media is all about profit margins. eHow was originally founded in 1998 & had $36 million in venture capital behind it. But the original cost structure was flawed due to high content costs. The site failed so badly that it was sold in 2004 for $100,000. The original site owners had GoogleBot blocked. Simply by unblocking GoogleBot and doing basic SEO to existing content the site had a revenue run rate of $4 million Dollars within 2 years, which allowed the site to be flipped for a 400-fold profit.

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