My daily readings 02/14/2011

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    • If you’re an entrepreneur itching to get into e-commerce, remember that you can’t compete on geography (unless you’re cloning an existing retailer in a region where there is no Amazon), and you can’t compete purely on price.  But here’s what you can do:

      Cultivate a better shopping experience: BlueNile is simply a better place to shop for engagement rings. Zappos is a better place to shop for shoes. In some cases, what makes great (every shopping experience is the same) is also its greatest weakness.  Some things are designed to be bought differently.

    • Build a marketplace for buyers and sellers, don’t be a reseller. Etsy, eBay, IronPlanet, Copart, Elance and others have built great value by focusing on the defensible art of the network effect.  This area is far from played out, and there are many marketplaces waiting to be created for verticals from babysitting to piano lessons. The best marketplaces tend to be for frequently purchased items with a diverse quantity of sellers and few repeated interactions.  For example, you want to eat at different restaurants, but typically go to the same piano teacher for years, so it’s easy to see why OpenTable might be bigger than a piano lesson marketplace.
    •  “奇艺像是一家咖啡厅。”龚宇比喻,环境好的咖啡厅能让人多停留两三个小时,环境不好,10分钟就走人了。“对真正的品质用户来说,让他在UGC遍布的网站看影视作品,那不就等于让他去大排档喝红酒吗?搞笑!”
    • 奇艺甚至因用户体验弥补了放弃UGC的损失。龚宇有点得意,“其实各大网站在技术上没什么差别,关键点就在于是否专注。”如果一部电视剧点击达到 100万,编辑自然会想到在边栏放上新闻链接,也许有2万人会继续看新闻。结果是他会为了2%的转化率干扰了另外98%的用户体验,最终流失掉10%的用户。“很多问题来自于自我纠结。

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