My daily readings 02/11/2011

    • Because of that, I think we’re spending a lot of our time investing in HTML 5. It’s the code name, if you will, for the next generation of web technology that’s optimised for mobile devices, and optimised to feel more like native applications.

      The end goal is that we’ll be able to develop one version of Facebook for mobile devices, that runs on all different kinds of mobile phones. That’s really where our focus is now.

    • We haven’t seen tons of other industries as impacted as games by Facebook, and we think that the next big change is seeing the next few industries being disrupted by social platforms in the same way gaming has been.

      If we had to guess, it’s probably going to be orientated around media or news, because they are so social. When you watch a television show with your friend, it’s such an engaging social activity.

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