My daily readings 01/16/2011

    •  一向被称为“性情中人”的李国庆甚至写了一首摇滚歌词,歌词中透露投行曾经为了拿到生意给出当当网10-60亿的估值,可是到香港写招股说明书时正值朝韩冲突,只给出了7-8亿的估值。而到了上市时,投行明知次日开盘当当网市值就会有20亿,还仅仅定价16亿。


    • At that time, the expectation was that other educators would use the syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams from MIT courses to design their own courses. But in this first decade of MIT OpenCourseWare, independent learners have emerged as the primary users of these materials.

      “First and foremost, we are trying to make these materials as complete as possible,” says OCW Publication Director Daniel Carchidi, who oversees the team creating the OCW Scholar courses. “We hope independent learners can use these materials without any additional outside resources such as texts or journal articles.”

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