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    • How many can you remember reading? If you’re like me a few months ago, not so many. There’s the odd article that stands out, and, with some effort, sometimes you can recall what the point was. While you’re reading it, it feels like you’re learning useful stuff, but as soon as you close the article and move on to something else, it fades into the background noise and you forget any actionable information you had encountered.
    • If you follow evolutionary theory, you know that one big question is why sexual reproduction evolved — and why it persists, given the substantial costs involved. Why doesn’t nature just engage in cloning?

      And the most persuasive answer, as I understand it, is defense against parasites. If each generation of an organism looks exactly like the last, parasites can steadily evolve to bypass the organism’s defenses — which is why yes, we’ll have no bananas once the fungus spreads to cloned plantations around the world. But scrambling the genes each generation makes the parasites’ job harder.

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  • tags: Curation

    • We’re working on it (as always.) There is a big improvement inspired by the stackoverflow post on its way shortly.

      If people want to help out, the best thing to do is to post examples of specific queries. Those become the “fixed points” around which we can tune until we get it right. The more example queries the better, and I’ll make sure they get to the right people.

      A good way to get example queries is to look through your search history, which if turned on can be found here:

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    • But I doubt we’ll see real progress. Instead, I expect Google’s unwillingness to address this issue to create a critical-mass demand — and hopefully, then, a supply — of good content, reference information, and product recommendations.

      Much of this will be (or currently is) solved the old-fashioned way: personal recommendations and trusted authorities. But these can’t cover the breadth of available information that web searchers need. I don’t know what will, or when, but it’s desperately needed.

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  • tags: Curation

    • [Update] A friend points out in IM that all of this makes Yahoo mothballing Delicious, a directory of curated lists, more than a little mistimed. And it’s made pointed and ironic too when you look at what the #2 most bookmarked link is on Delicious right now: Google’s weakening search results.
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    • Twitter Chairman and Square founder Jack Dorsey sat down with Charlie Rose last night to talk about Dorsey’s unique position of being responsible for two technology startups based on the idea of simplicity: Twitter and Square. Watching this interview you realize that Dorsey’s accomplishments have little to do with luck, and more with his focus on creating the purest products by throwing away any unnecessary flourishes. “It’s really complex to make something simple,” he tells Rose.

      Dorsey describes himself as an “editor” who edits technology and teams “so that we have one cohesive product that we tell the world.” In the clip above (provided by the Charlie Rose Show), Dorsey talks about how he got the idea for Square and how hard it is to make mobile payments no more complicated than swiping a credit card.

    • “When you’re using the iPad, the iPad disappears, it goes away. You’re reading a book. You’re viewing a website, you’re touching a web site. That’s amazing and that’s what SMS is for me. The technology goes away and with Twitter the technology goes away. And the same is true with Square. We want the technology to fade away so that you can focus on enjoying the cappuccino that you just purchased.”
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