My daily readings 01/04/2011

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    • I’ve definitely learned a lot, but the recent Heroku acquisition (for a reported $212 million) made me wonder if I’ve also reached the point of “not losing too much money”, so I did the math. From 2006 (when I started investing) through 2008, I invested about $1.21 million in 32 different companies. About half of those companies were either acquired or are dead/mostly-dead. The other half are still alive and seem to be doing well. The current acquisitions total about $1.34 million, only about a 10% gain, which isn’t great, but at least I’m not losing too much. Fortunately, the “still alive” category includes a number of very promising investments, such as Meraki, Weebly, and Wufoo, so I expect the final return will be much better than 10% (which is all gravy anyway, since my primary goal was to learn more and be helpful).
    • The two bits of advice that I always give to people looking to get started with angel investing are: 1) Assume you’ll lose your money and 2) Plan on investing in a large number of companies. (my third bit of advice is to attend YC demo day) I think my experience so far validates this advice. It’s important that investors have the right motivations (helping out startups and learning how to be a better investor) and the right expectations. Anyone doing it with the idea that they can simply find the next Google, invest a bunch of money, and then get super-rich is going to be very disappointed. That said, finding the next Google and buying a 1% stake is my current billion dollar plan 🙂
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    • Welcome back to work, everyone. With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a look back at the year that was. Let’s compare some of reddit’s numbers between the first month of 2010 and the last:

      Jan 2010 Dec 2010
      pageviews 250 million 829 million
      average time per visit 12m41s 15m21s
      bytes in 2.8 trillion 8.1 trillion
      bytes out 10.1 trillion 44.4 trillion
      number of servers 50 119
      memory (ram) 424 GB 1214 GB
      memory (disks) 16 TB 48 TB
      engineers 4 4
      search sucked works

      Nerd talk: Akamai hits aren’t included in the bandwidth totals.

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