My daily readings 12/26/2010

  • @diigo is there a way to set that new notes are “private” by default?

  • @diigo also, in the note editors I have bullet points. However, when I save the note they’re not shown as bullet points any more.

  • 刚才我给北新办陈华打了个电话,他说如果腾讯微博也被定点删除的话,就不是他的事,北新办只管网易新浪搜狐等网站,腾讯是广东管的。这方面我是了解且同意的,不过,我说,拜托他了解一下究竟是怎么回事。

    • Follow the OP’s advice: don’t remove IE unless it is unused! You may lose a convert by removing it without explanation.

      My parents navigate the Internet by clicking the arrow next to the address bar, and clicking the webpage they want to use. The last time I tried converting them, they also used work-related webpages with ActiveX controls, which no sane browser would ever support. Tech is slow outside of the tech industry.

      My parents’ Chrome usage would be a play in three Acts:

      Act 1: Confusion. “Where did my Sites go? The ones that were on top. I used to click something to click the sites, but now that’s gone. There’s no arrow! I have to open History? I didn’t have to do that before. Where did my Homepage go? What’s a ‘tab’?”

      Act 2: Judgement. “I had this the way I like it before. I don’t think I can get used to using this. And I couldn’t use the Work system, so I have to keep switching between things.”

      Act 3: Trashbin. “That Google thing? I uninstalled that. We didn’t like it. And we couldn’t use it for Work.”

      As they say, the best user interface is the one you already know how to use.

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