My daily readings 12/08/2010

    • it will be interesting to see if this is a way for google to provide a marketplace within ios devices (specially) via a potential release of chrome for iphone/ipad/ipod, effectively allowing android developers an in to both consumer groups.
    • The administration also succeeded in extending several of the tax credits in last year’s stimulus plan to aid low- and moderate-income Americans: the earned-income tax credit, the child credit, the child and dependent-care credit and the tuition deduction.
    • The usual deafening clatter of the driller shack and engine room on the Seahawk 2007 had been replaced by relative silence. After finishing a shift, the men typically went to their cabins instead of playing poker with their buddies, hitting the weight room or watching football in the television room. With no alcohol on board, many of the men had been eating more, Kenneth Milton, a rig cook, told a reporter visiting on Monday. “Everyone’s tensed up, nervous.”
  • 《应需而变》这本书太犀利了!”多数产品团队没有共同的愿景,顶多有一个待满足的需求规格说明,或一系列待开发的特性。围绕其进行设计和研发将导致糟糕的体验。”

    •  这也是开心网在逻辑起点上与人人网的不同之处:前者只推荐有共同朋友的朋友,后者则提供与你的真实信息可能产生相关性的朋友。“你如果去人人或者Facebook,认识陌生人是一件比较容易的事情,它们的页面比较丰富,为什么?因为这和时间充裕、生活状态活跃的大学生身份非常吻合,”郭巍说,“但当你处于一个白领圈子的时候,你的时间是碎片化的,你会担心你结交一个陌生人会耽误你的时间。所以你更愿意跟你原来的社交圈子去做一个维护性的关系,这就是很大的区别。很多人说人人网会抢开心网的很多用户,其实这完全是两个领域。”
    • “白领是快餐文化,而且白领对高质量的内容需求要比年轻的学生更加旺盛一些,即年龄越大,对高质量的信息内容越感兴趣,但他们对沟通的要求逐渐下降,而用户越年轻,就越有沟通需求。你到QQ群里面去看那些小学生、中学生,基本上都是在班里面聊天,聊的话都是看起来毫无疑义的话,但人家聊得就是带劲儿。”陈一舟说。
    • 当然,这也是开心网不得不面对的现实。不久前,开心网一位高层去参加北京市组织的一次互联网行业的会议,会上有人说,就算把全北京的互联网公司加在一起,也没有腾讯的市值大。“现场就听见有人抱怨,前些年一般认为国内的互联网企业进各自领域的前三就比较安全,但现在看起来,第二名还算可以,第三名则每分钟都可能被人干掉。”这位高层转述。

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