My daily readings 12/02/2010

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    • After a few seconds it struck me that what we’ll end up callingthese things is tablets. The only reason we even consider callingthem “mobile devices” is that the iPhone preceded the iPad. If theiPad had come first, we wouldn’t think of the iPhone as a phone;we’d think of it as a tablet small enough to hold up to your ear.
    • This is already clear in cases like GPSes, music players, andcameras. But I think it will surprise people how many things aregoing to get replaced. We funded one startup that’s replacing keys.The fact that you can change font sizes easily means the iPadeffectively replaces reading glasses. I wouldn’t be surprised ifby playing some clever tricks with the accelerometer you could evenreplace the bathroom scale.The advantages of doing things in software on a single device areso great that everything that can get turned into software will.So for the next couple years, a good recipe for startupswill be to look around you for things that people haven’t realizedyet can be made unnecessary by a tablet app.
    • It has turned out to be a great thing that Apple tablets haveaccelerometers in them. Developers have used the accelerometer inways Apple could never have imagined. That’s the nature of platforms.The more versatile the tool, the less you can predict how peoplewill use it. So tablet makers should be thinking: what else canwe put in there? Not merely hardware, but software too. What elsecan we give developers access to? Give hackers an inch and they’lltake you a mile.
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    • So why is there a question and an answer about Google’s new social product on Baraza? Because some people are using it like Quora. Probably because it is a lot like Quora — you even search and ask a question in the same box. While Google talks about Africa, anyone in the world (who speaks English or French) can use it. I just set up an account simply by asking a question. And even the idea behind it sounds like Quora — to get things out of people’s heads and onto the web.
  • 其实研究需求是人一辈子的事业,当你走入社会,无时无刻要琢磨的就是如何满足家人、爱人、朋友、员工、合作伙伴、客户、用户……..的需求。

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    #ipad I want a note taking app that is just a plain piece of paper so I can take notes in class. I can’t type out chemistry or math notes!!!

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    @ranyunfei: @xiaomi2020: 翻译一篇关#googleCN的评论:When ethics are outlawed, only outlaws will have ethics. 当道义被法律驱逐,只有违法才能保有道义。//这么多道义被法律驱逐,我们敢违法吗?

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